Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Starvation morning

I woke up 30 minutes too early today (30 minutes=catastrophysleepiswhatIneed) because of an annoying sound. Yes my dears, there is a dude downstairs working on our kitchen and well... He right in my way. To emphasise the horror of this story I might have to inform you that..

  1. I'm not a nice person in the morning. I need to wake up before I can be enjoyable to be around. Just not a morning person I guess...
  2. I need my breakfast. I love breakfast. Breakfast is the best meal ever and I still don't believe for sure that people who skip breakfast are from the same planet as me. 
  3. I love having the morning to myself when I'm super tired. Company can be so nice at times but I'm sorry, strangers don't cut it for this category...
So with that said I've been woken up too early (look at #1), not been able to get my breakfast because my kitchen is occupied by a blue jeaned stranger with tools (look at the 2nd point) and yeah, I'm in my house with strangers (take another look at numero 3...). ALL of the points have gone wrong and MAN I am starving! Ihatehatehate this.. So if this post randomly ends in the middle of a word it's all just because I've fainted for low blood sugar. Just so you kn...

OK, maybe I'm being a drama queen here (a freaking hungry one). Time to woman up and get my ass down there and make me some oatmeal porridge. HELL YEAH! OK, on 3. 

1...2...2,5...2,78.. Oh my gosh I am such a baby! Anyhow, these pictures are to honor the beauttiful meal we all call... Breakfast. Now I'm off to bother the blue jeaned guy, talk to you later if i survive down the steps....

Breakfast in sweats=le best (even when your name is not Megan Fox)
Breakfast with a pretty view.
Ugly breakfast.
Fattyfatty breakfast.
Cuite breakfast.
Amazing breakfast.
Normal breakfast.

I hope you all got to enjoy your breakfasts this morning. 
And hopefully I will too..


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