Monday, December 31, 2012

Dandy Night

Dandy darlings, I'm in Germanyyy!
After a little ride on the autobahn we reached Steve's hometown and gosh, it's pretty down here...
We have speeded, seen the castle, made pizza, decorated the house for tonight, gone grocery shopping with an insane line, done some sight-seeing, watched the planet of apes in 3D in the house and muchmuch more...! We even made a party drink for tonight out of a pineapple, vodka and some energy drink. Things are going to get epic. And oh! We put some dry tea in the vodka and gross-soda mix we had prepared and it blew up in our faces, litterarly... So don't do that, it was a mess... Anyway, the house is ready for le guests to arrive so we are getting excited. Happy new year people, see you in 2013!!
Le autobahnnn

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