Saturday, December 29, 2012

Next stop: HAMBURG!

After almost 17 months apart I'm finally going to be able to call my bitch "bitch" without a computer screen in between (hey, that rhymes... Cool...) tomorrow because my dears, tomorrow I am leaving for Germany! I'll land in Hamburg and run towards this dandy man and knock him over with my extra christmas kilos (or maybe just a hug will do it? VIKINGHUG!!). I am insanely excited to see him and I have a whole to do list for the day before D-day but before getting that done I felt like I needed to update you guys about these amazing news. So this new years eve will be spent with Steve, his friends, waffles, sparkling wine and maybe some... Wienerschnitzel? Either way this week will be epic! SOsoso exciteeeed, like it's fridayyy..... 

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