Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sunday funday

What is a sunday without a pancake brunch with your girls? I don't know... But I can guarante you that it was amazing. We invited our new friend Jess over and let the new yorker try some Swedish specialities, this time out own pancakes. That mixed with the champagne I got for christmas was the perfect combo to cure me from my stressful weekend. It was perfect except for the fact that L almost went bald from leaning a bit too close to the candle (thank gosh that she has reflexes faster than superwoman, all I did was to scream when her head turned into what looked like a mix of firecrackers and goldlock.) So her hair is fab as always, don't you worry. And even after that intense/scary/insane incident she was still willing to cut mine, true friend right there. So now my split ends are just a memory. We ended it all with some marsmallows over the open fire a la citystyle as you can witness below. So I had the best sunday in a long time, this should become a tradition... Xoxo, MissV. 

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