Thursday, February 14, 2013


This saturday me and les chicas went to a good ole house party. Felt like I was back to being 16 running around in a random house meeting new people in every room I entered. Me and L talked yesterday about how much fun it was because these events are rare nowdays. The clubs started to take over as soon as we all hit 18 but man, I do miss the house parties. That's where the most random/unexpected/hilarious/exciting things happen and yes, this was one of those nights.  But don't get me wrong, clubs can be amazing too. But let's be honest. It's not exactly the place where you get to sit down and talk to people. And if you do try, you are very likely to misunderstand one another because of the loud music pumping through the speakers (that's why all we do is dance). Time to enjoy my day off now dears. Have a happy valentines  
Ah right, some dudes didn't have time to crack up 3 of their beer cans on the subway before going to the club so they gave them to us. Disgusting beer, never buying that crap ever. But hey, it was for a good cause. 

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XxxLoveIsBeautyxxX said...

cool! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

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