Saturday, March 16, 2013


Sometimes on a day off, we just want the weather to be bad. We want the rain to pour down outside and the trees to go back and forth with the wind. We want the sky to be dark as the night and the wind to be cold. All because that's when we can be guiltfree. That is when we can sit inside with a cup of coffee catching up on that tvshow we never get the time to see and doing so in nothing but an oversized tee. But what if that doesn't have to be the case? What if we don't have to follow the rules that are put up for us, in anything in life. What if we just decide to follow our own cravings and not compare them to what everyone else is doing. Couldn't that be the way to find true happiness? Aren't everyone looking for just that, real happiness? What if that isn't the same for everyone. Now, aren't we all different? So why are we trying to follow the same pattern if it's not going to satisfy all of us? Why not brake out of that and take that high end road that your heart calls for? Why care about the looks, why pretend like that's what you want. Why not do you..?

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