Thursday, July 25, 2013

Montréal baby

before I (I mean he) gives this place a complete facelift, let me just tell you what has changed. 
 I took a break (like a 5 month vaycay) from the blog to just focus on the next step in my life. I kind of realized that I needed to be somewhere else than at my place, my job (the supercuteamazing-café) and with friends in Stockholm. I needed a new environment and perfectly enough I just moved to the most random place on the planet (at least that is what it feels like right now). Montréal baby, Mont-ré-fucking-al. Where did I get this idea from? Well, the travel bug inside me (not a gross beetle looking one. More like a cute, pink and fuzzy bean looking one with a pretty smile) started to long for an adventure and my dream to one day speak fluent french and some other random ideas got me to this place and just let me tell you, it's intense. Just wait until I unravel all the mysteries and secrets of Montréal. This unique place will get you to read about it intensely like when you used to put your ear against the door to your siblings room to hear about the secrets they were keeping from you (which really wasn't anything at all). This blog will keep the memories I create in this new city and the rest of my year as a traveler in the great country called Canada.
 This is my rooftop. See how crazy it is already? Buckle up babies, this is going to be the journey. 

I am back.

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