Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hello my angels who have still been around to visit this little blog of mine while I've been a bad (badbadbad) blogger. I guess I've been consumed by Montréal and all it's amazing randomness and the fact that I don't have internet at home (which is why I am sitting in a food court at the moment with Wifi, no food...). But October will be a month of change since I am moving to a new place, still in Montréal of course. But a place with Wifi, a bed (not the 3 inch madress I'm currently torturing my back with), a washer and dryer and no crazy 40yearold french woman/clean freak who brings in snakes to the loft, strangles people, shouts at everyone, smokes weed 24/7 and points fingers at everyone but herself (you might think that's a complicated description but believe me, this is the simple one). Anyhow, me and my 2 banjiboys are leaving this crazy collective environment to move to a happy place with no crazy ladies, just the 3 of us. So yes, I'm excited! I'm also excited to go grocery shopping in a few minutes because all I have in my fridge is 4 eggs... Yepp, 4 eggs and my shelf has a can of beens, ketchup, an emty jar of coffee, soup and some rice (now who wants to  come over for dinner?!? I promise, bean/egg/rice omelette is DELICHHH!!). So yeah, I might be 20 years old living on the opposite side of the globe from my family and living on my own for real for the very first time but this is still pitful.... So yeas, grocery shopping it is! (Besides, I had my last ramen last night so I'm pretty screwed if I don't...) And until next time I talk to you I hope you eat great food, sleep on a thick matess and don't have to worry about a crazy lady in your loft who you unwillingly are living with at the moment. But if you are, I hope you do as me and move out, ASAP MY DEAR, AAASSSAAP!

But it's been an exciting 3 months living in this amazing, artistic loft with 3 great people and one nutcase. Either way, I'll miss it! 

Me and my banji, S

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