Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I started the morning thinking that I would have the day off and spoiling myself with a breakfast in the city (because someone forgot to buy breakfast food and tuna just won't work at 10am) but oh was I wrong! Got called in but hey, a little extra cash hasn't hurt no one... So I made myself a packed lunch and went to Second cup to have the 2.50 breakfast-deal I'd been longing for since I made the decision to treat myself like 15 hours ago (coffee+egg sandwich). I turned down Tim Hortons (Canada's Mecca where bagles, coffee and doughnuts can be bought at a super low price) because I figured it couldn't be much less than 2,50 and I've had internet troubles there before and since this internet session was the only highlight of my day before climbing into the cave called retail (ok it's not bad but still, I can't tell if the sun is shining or not) I decided that I deserved it. The boss of the café was the first stranger I talked to in Canada. It was my first day to walk the streets alone trying to find the phone store on stumbeling legs like a new born calf (ok, not really but I've heard that exaggerations can make a good story great) and this place was where I got my first lunch. The ice breaker was "I'm new here, I'm Swedish" and that's all it took. Me and my friends became regulars (mostly because it's super close to our loft and the fact that we don't have our own Wifi). So even though the iced coffee tastes like a mix between coffee grounds and ash tray (once again, exaggerations, but still it's pretty darn bad coffee..) we still came, like, alllll the time. But this time the gross coffee wasn't my concern (especially since the hot coffee is great) but it was the fact that I heard "5,75" as the price to pay. What happened to the 2,50 amazingness? Sure, there are taxes but double price? NO WAY!!! I asked him about it and yeah, it was 2,50 (thank god) Then 2,75 (what?!) THEN 5,75 (WHATTHEFUCK?!) with all the taxes included. I guess they put a shitload of taxed on egg sandwiches nowdays... I pretended not to be in shock and calculating the fact in my head that this little "treat" would cost me more than half an hour of work. Tears started rolling down my cheeks.. (alrightalright, I know. Too much exaggerations...). But when he handed me the gently grilled and perfectly greasy egg sandwich I gave him my biggest, fakest, Disneyland smile (working there has really helped me stay nice in tricky situations) and a HUGE "thank you" to compensate the fact that I'm never, ever, having breakfast there again. 

So what can we learn from this? Well, if you are looking for a cheap breakfast, don't pick 2nd cup. Never forget the fact that taxed are added afterwards and never, ever, underestimate the power of Tim Hortons. I'm starting to understand the Canadian's love for this place. Omg, am I turning Canadian...?
Let's throw in a positive vibe with a picture of me and some of mes amis on one of our daily adventures. This time in Laval, Montreal.


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