Sunday, September 22, 2013

Those little things

I'm sitting at second cup (once more) sipping on my dark, colombian coffee with a hint of chocolate while waiting for the clock to hit 12 since that's when I'll get to talk to my dearest H who I haven't gotten to talk to since I left Sweden 3 months ago. The place is pretty empty but this being a sunday at 11am with gray clouds and sprinkles of rain outside kind of explains why. 
While walking towards the bathroom I passed a table with 2 elders, a woman and a man, playing cards. They are still sitting there with a cup of tea enjoying the game while simply hanging out on a sunday morning. Sometimes I think we forget those little things that can make us so happy. Having fun doesn't always have to involve wild laughs and crazy nights. It can be something so simple and I think people forget to recognize those moments a lot. Last night me and A were hanging out in S's room watching him go through his whole closet (and that's a big ass collection) while deciding what to keep and what to throw out before we move out. Among silky suits, huge fur coats (vintage ofc) floral patterns and amazing designs I though about the very moment and how happy I was to be right there with them doing just that. I was truly enjoying the moment and that's something I want to get better at. Maybe we all should? Because after all, the most important things might just be that. Those little things..
Even things that aren't supposed to be fun. Miss the days here spent with L who was here visiting. Even the times we were doing laundry and other everyday stuff..


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