Friday, September 20, 2013


Since living in Montreal has given me the habit to always carry a waterbottle around (try coming here in july without one and see how long you survive) I have drank the whole 0,5 L of it now and saved blogging as the last things for me to do while stealing Wifi in this wonderful (beige, loud, awful) food court and now I really, really, reallyyy have to pee. And I don't want to pack my stuff and put it all up again after visiting the ladies so yeah, I'm going to make this a short update. Tonight me and my banjis are having a moving out party at our loft and I'm sososo excited about it! It's almost been 3 months since we had the last party which was also my first weekend in Montreal. It's crazy how time flies and at the same time, how much thinch you can do, see, experience during 3 intense months. Can't wait to see what this night will have to offer (other than the 2 pans of brownies we are making for our guests..).
Moi et A during our last party which was a dragqueen-fiesta... (OK, now I reallyyyyyyyyy need to pee... BYE!)
xoxo, J.

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