Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New place, fresh start

Hello my darlings,
Out with the old and in with the new. Summer is over but fall doesn't mean the end of adventures, great weather and spontanious trips. It's just the beginning. I'm finally moved out from the crazy house and exchanged the craycray lady with Wifi, the 3 inch mattress with a real, big, soft bed and the laundry line with a washer and dryer (words can't even explain how great this upgrade is). The neighbourhood is filled with cozy apartmentbuildings and trees surrounding all the streets giving me the perfect fall feeling, can't wait until the leaves turn orange, yellow and red.. This is a little instagram update from the past weeks. (Instagram:Kvarby). Love the random events Montreal keeps throwing such as the free Kings of Leon concert me and Soph got to see last night. Hope you are enjoying a relaxing wednesday afternoon (or night, whatever time difference there is between us). I'm so ready to see what October has to offer, it's a beautiful month, don't forget to enjoy it.
Miss V.


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