Thursday, October 3, 2013


There is something about the two words "French" and "Vanilla" that makes my mouth water. That's what happened a few days ago when I made the horrible (insanely bad, awful) decision to buy coffee. But now just coffee (like a normal person with a normal brain) no, French Vanilla coffee. I'm warning you, as human beings looking after each other, don't get this. (Run, ruuuun and never look back!!!). That is unless you enjoy a vanilla bomb with an aftertaste of cheese bolls (click on the pinkness if you need more of a visual). This coffee cost me 4.99$+tax and I have regretted it ever since (3 days now and still counting). Why in the world would you even want to destroy something so extrodinary as coffee and make me gag everytime I hear that beautiful word "coffe" after "French Vanilla". It's ruined!!! Anyways, as the part time worked and eco friendly (try to be) and hate-when-people-waste-food-etc-dumbasses-person I am, I will drink this until it's finish. I won't enjoy it, I won't recommend it but I made my bed and I will lay in it until there are only spots of powder left in that aluminum (re-used materials) jar. So there it is. After this post I will have another sip of this cheeseball/vanillascreamo-coffee (I am cleaning my room so I need all the caffeine I can get my hands on) but I am warning you. Don't do the same mistake as me. SOS.
Don't let the pretty package fool you,

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