Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Boboboooo can you believe it's already November 18th!? And what does that mean? (Except for the fact that it's time to get a winter jacket...). IT'S ONLY ONE MORE MONTH UNTIL I'M IN NYC WITH A SHAKING OUR ASSES TO BEYONCE IN BROOKLYN! Omg, it's insane people, insaaane. So yes, only 30 more days until I leave my dear Montreal and once I get back it's just for a limited time to pack my shit and get my ass across the country to Whistler. Yes. This citygirl is heading towards a ski adventure like no other! Wanna come...? And from one adventure to another. Laval people. This was an intense summer day/night in a suburb of Monteral. Me and my banjis on an hiking trip in.. Well... Why don't you have a look? xoXO. mISS v.

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