Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Human hot dog

So I have spent most of the day (all of the day) researching french 
schools here in Montreal and mon dieu, there's a lot.. Since my work
is only part time I feel like I need to become more productive and
dive into to french language even deeper in order to succeed with
my long time goal (fluency). But other than reflecting on french and
played houswife in my new apartment (cleaning was very much needed,
trust me) I've also found time to spend in nature like last friday night
when we were invited to a bon fire and guess who got the fire started?
MOI!! Yes, I was excited (extatic, europhoric, happy dancing) as the
citygirl I am I was very proud of my ability to start this fire with nothing
but common sense, zero experience. 384 smores too many later me and S
headed home for a good night sleep. The day after was spent at work
smelling like a human hot dog (no time to wash my hair at 6am, no shame,
shut up)

Here's me and two of my Montreal darlings, aren't they pretty...?

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