Saturday, November 12, 2011

City, Coffee and Dinner

On my way to the city to see my good friend J who I haven't seen in a while. 

We are going to a café to enjoy a cup of coffee and catch up. And I will hopefully have time to go through some stores and get myself a new pair of high waisted black jeans as well. I have been without a pair for way way way too long! 

And after that I'm going to T's house to eat dinner, hang out and watch 'Yes man' which is on TV today. I can't go out clubbing tonight in order to save money (no, the jeans don't count. They are well needed - alcohol the other hand, is not..) since I have 3 trips on my schedule just this year who all include a plane ticket..

Mmmmmh, wouldn't say 'no' to having a cup of coffee there today again..
This pic is taken from an old bakery in Budapest where I was last week.
Super pretty... And yummy!


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Steve Frous said...

omg i'd die for the food haha

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