Sunday, November 13, 2011

A wonderful day on the countryside

After a great workout with T at the gym (which will definitely make my body sore like no other tomorrow..) I left Stockholm to go and see my relatives. It was me, my mom and brother who took the car over there to spend the afternoon eating amazing food with great company and enjoying the peace and quietness in the country.

Aaah, their kitten is just too cute! Cutecutecute...  
Bad quality pic but I don't care, her pretty face was needed in this post!
Some random pictures from the day and as a great finally, a picture of the delicious apple pie we were served (oui, my aunt is a fabulous cook!) Love the "fall feeling" in these pictures. The colours are just too pretty!

So now I realized that I won't get nearly enough sleep before my math class in the morning (at 8:30, why? Whyyy?!) unless I fall asleep in. Let's see... 10 minutes! Good luck with that Jenny! 

Ttyl darlings, the viking needs her beauty sleep
Sleep well,

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