Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An exciting trip to Marseille

This saturday me and the group took the bus to Marseille which is a bigger city 30 min from Aix. It was a lot of fun to see something different and exciting to visit the city for the very first time. Can't say that I fell in love with it but it definitely had some charm. But before leaving me, H and I got lost. We couldn't find out way back to the bus station and all of out hostfamilies (except for mine because they don't like to exaggerate) had told us to go home before it went dark. We walked around in the dark for over an hour and H wouldn't stop reminiding me and I of how many pickpocketers there were around and that the city is dangerous at night (even the people who live there on a regular basis wore their bags in the front). She was right though. Even thought we laughed at it at times we all knew that it was some what reality. It was kind of intimidating with all the men staring at us as soon as they saw us or heard us speak a language they all knew wasn't theirs. But we came back safe in the end and spent another fun night in Aix and this time we celebrated E's birthday. Pic's are coming soon.

 The place I liked the most in Marseille.
 A talented artist painting on the sidewalk.

 A demonstration that went on while we were there, connected to the global economical crisis.

 Cute I in the soap shop
 Had to try them, sad to say I wasn't too impressed by the taste..

A simple little picture update from Marsaille.

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