Monday, December 19, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It feels good to be back in Sweden, especially since it is almost christmas. The weather has however been a shock to me. I woke up this morning and seperated the shaders and seriously squealed (no, it wasn't a very pretty sound..). But the white city in front of me caught me off guard, oh wow it is for sure going to be a white christmas!! I remember sitting in the garden in France this saturday reading my book in the sunshine and look at the grass and be suprised of how green it this was. It feels so far away now. But I want a white christmas, I mean, I am a swede after all... But I'm sure going to miss my french house and the wonderful family I spent 3 weeks living with over there. Such a great experience, so many fun memoris, such a successful trip 
Miss walking into the kitchen, always welcomed by something getting heated on the gas stove,
 don't miss the applecake in the background, it was delicious..
The table is set for seven people. The whole familjy including me..
 On the way up to the house. The window to the left was my bedroom window of my pretty little studio.
 The table with the colourful chairs. The white one is the one I spent some time in this saturday reading my book and enjoying the beautiful weather. 
Missing it already..
 The porch or whatever I should call it. Love how colourful it all is. Super pretty.
 Look at the grass, just look at it!!! So green..
The wonderful view from the garden, so nice with the mountains and all...

Oui, I'm obsessed with France and it's beauty. Aren't you?

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