Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Just around the corner!"

So this sunday we were a group of 6 people who all decide that we wanted to take a little trip to the mountains. We got our own packed lunch from our hostmoms and met up outside our school and started walking. You might think that we would we wearing clothes that are "hike-friendly" but no. We are city people wearing city clothes...

Albin wore his nice and flat shoes with absolutely no grip at all what so ever while Fia wore her fragile long skirt and no one else dressed any better. It pretty much looked like we were ready to go shopping in the town but no, we were hikeing.

Every car filled with french families gave us the up and down stare as we walked up the mountain and kept saying "Oh, that's it!! Just around that corner!" or "Omg, the trees are becoming sparser, let's go!!". But after 1 hour we were close to giving up. We didn't see a view, we just saw trees everywhere.

But I'm glad to say that we said "Around that corner" just one more time because look what we found...

 Albin is just casually hanging out by the tree waiting for the 
other hikers to arrive..
 Ylva and Albin in the beginning of the adventure.
 We didn't know where we were. All we knew was that it 
was not Aix en Provence as the great sign where Fia is
striking a pose suggests..
 So pretty, don't you think?
 The whole group was excited!
 The view we had while eating our lunch.
 A little bit of wine to celebrate the arrival!

 "Take a picture of me when I look like Jesus!!"
Back in lovely Aix.

It was totally worth it...


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