Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Night Fun

The Official Forever 21 Facebook: satisfying your craving for fashion... Well I can honestly say that that is true and as for right now, it is especially aimed at the shoes. These babies caught my eye tonight and the big sign saying "Last day for free shipping is today!!" made me want to click "Add to bag", "yes", "yes", "YES!" "accepting" and "pay" right away! A chill of shoe exitement got over me but I soon realized that this would be a foolish move to make. Why? Because me, T and S are spending this New Years Eve in London which means more than Big Ben, loads of tea and Fish'n'chips. It also means that I will be walking in the store IRL in less than one month and be able to try on these fabulous shoes in the store. Oh my god, I cannot wait!!

These are the ones I fell in love with. Not only because they are super pretty but also because they can 
make your whole outfit.
Who can say no to these vintage inspired suedette platforms? I love the clumsy but yet feminine heels with unique details that makes you look at your shoe rack and wonder why they aren't already there? Picture these with a pretty dress, skinny jeans or...  Anything really, these lovely reds will make any outfit pop. Match them with a similar coloured lipstick and you are done.
Or how about these classy patent Mary Jay platforms? I have looked for heels with one of those straps for too long now and I think that these might be it. They might turn me into a giant but hey, tall is hot! (and so is short, damn you can wear heels as much as you want. Makes me a little bit jealous tell you the truth..). Anyhow, these chic heelies are deff my favs who could easily fit in my little shoe collection. The fabulous colour it just that extra touch that makes them close to perfection. 

Or why not invest as little as 24.80$ (for being shoes ofc..) in these pretty blues? What made me love these is the perfect combination of a neat little heal and a pointed, closed toe. It's not a clumsy, clumsy shoe (which I although always love) but yet it's not too... Skinny. It's simply a shoe in the middle of the two which through this design can work in many different ways (outfits.). I would like to take these heels home from London and experiment their capacity of improving a boring outfit. I bet they are up for the challange.

Shoes, shoes. Lovely Shoes. See you in London darlings,
wait for me, OK?


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