Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One week down, two more to go

Salut tout le mode!
It's been a long but fun week down here in Aix. I have improved my french skills a lot and I can't stop admiring this pretty little city. I went to school every morning last week where the whole group from my school took a french class and after that we all went to our internships. There are some people who work at museums, clothing shops, stores and like me, bakeries.

My bakery it so pretty with it's newly baked bread smell, the counter filled with pasteries and it's wonderful employers.  I love working there! I learn new things every day and the people I work with are so nice and helpful. I'm going to post pictures of it soon (I just have to take them first, good idea Jenny..). 

This is my first "real" week where which means that I work from 12-6pm which is pretty normal!

Here are some pictures from us going out in Aix! 

 A chocolate chip cookie I bought at 3am at a bakery after a night out, love Aix!!

Hahah, some randoms. Oui...


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