Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine, who?

Is it true love, sex or just a half eaten cookie? Don't let yourselves get too hanged up on it. Take it as it comes, forget it if it leaves.

I'll start the day by applying for some jobs, then the gym and after that I am taking a test about commercial use in school. What next? Seeing my good friend V and catch up over a cup of coffee! After that...? Who knows, probably going home and spend the rest of the night with family.  
My valentines day= getting important things done. And by that I'm not talking about job and school, no. 

I am talking about spending quality time with the people you love. 
Anyone. Friends, grandmom, sibling, cat, imaginary friend, cactus. Who e-v-e-r.

The point is people, 
valentine's day isn't only for people who are in love. I am not but I am still celebrating it by spending it with people close to my heart. And you know what? That is exactly what you should be doing as well. Stop being bitter, turn it around and make it into something great. (Trust me, it will make you feel so much better..).

Does love show up then... OK, good for you! And if it doesn't? Use the time of freedom visely.
Visely, to do what?

To go wild girl.

Happy valentine's day, bitches... xxx


L* said...

exactly! and i think you should show love not just one day a year, you should show them that you love them every day.

!♥ MIMI said...

Agreed! Happy Love Day (:

Great pictures.


paula said...

i agree! happy valentines to you too!!

jeannie said...

great blog!
happy valentines

Kez Alisha Smith said...

brilliant! Made me think of Valentines in a more positive light! Blog is wicked xxx

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