Friday, March 23, 2012

Effortlessly fabulous

There are so many different styles of clothing out there to choose from and sometimes when you are in the fashion djungle, it is easy to get lost. Getting a makeover in your closet can sometimes be just as hard for the imagination as to your wallet. And the sales are filled with fierce bargain-seekers who will pull your hair to get that last sweatet on the hanger. I am going for an updated look this spring, something that screams "moi". This is why my new philosophy involves walking around stores on a regular basis to check out what is avalible. And I am not saying that this will be an everyday activity as brushing your teeth twice a day, no. But I am going to stop getting these HUGE expectations when I am on a hunt for new threads with a friend. Because then if you don't find something to instantly fall in love with, you might end up bringing home something you'll regret later(like someone desperate for action and bringing home a guy/girl and then spend the rest of the day eating Ben&Jerrys because of this wrong choice. Yes, we have all seen it on TV. Then it has to be true... Isn't that so?)

But back to fashion!
I have found myself falling for the bohemian and relaxed style recently and a role model for that is of course the multitasking Olsen twin Mary Kate. This is a comfortable style which at the same time looks stylish and simply... Amazing. Get inspired people, we love it!


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