Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring thoughts

Sometimes we feel that we need to have a certain date to make a change. After every new year, the gyms all around Stockholm suddenly gets filled with people. Why so sudden? Well we all feel like a new year gives us new opportunities, and of course that is true. But the thing not to forget is that it is never too late to change, and it is never to early. If you do it right when the thought strikes you, that's when you have the biggest chance to succeed. It is all about making that effort right away and not push it one centemeter or minute further. 
Something that can't start all over whenever is spring. It has a special time of the year when flowers start to pop up and the sun smiles more than it has for months. That wonderful time when it feels like the nature is reborn.I took these pictures today outside my house and now the flowers truly make the sleds look misplaced. I love it.

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