Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The fun part is after unwrapping the praline

I am sitting in my kitchen with my cup of coffee singing things like "Adrenaline- it makes you awake and conscious..!" to myself while clapping my hands like a seal and thinking about how stupid it must look for people walking outside my window and also how foolish I feel for not studying this enough earlier so I can enjoy my breakfast instead of trying to remember the parts of the brain while looking like a moron. (well we all have different ways to learn, right?). But things like these need to be made in order to be able to check them off out "to do-lists". Natural science is so not my thing, but tonight I'll get to skype with my german BFF Stefan so I am 100% excited about that! First school, then work.. I can do this!
Ok, so m cup doesn't look nearly this nice. But I am so getting a
 HUMONGOUS (Yes, it's a word, I promise..).
one from here. I have heard that they have these amazing, pretty and
huge cups that makes it able to drink those 2 liters of water that all
models and actor claim to be so good for you. All that water in the
shape of lovely chai tea and enegyboosting coffee!
 Sounds great now, doesn't it?

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