Sunday, March 18, 2012

Turn it again and twist it around

Have you ever thought about the fact that people always have this way of highlighting the negative parts in life? If you are thinking about bringing your umbrella out because it looks like it might rain but you don't. And then it starts to rain and you get super pissed off. You can't believe how unlucky you are, how this always, always happens to you. Why does life hate you? The question here is, does life really hate you? Or is it you who makes it that way? I mean, look. If you did bring the umbrella out and it started to rain, do you get superduper excited? You might smile, you might do that but I am pretty sure that you won't get nearly as happy as you get pissed off. Now do you? This is unfortunetely the way most people work but I am trying to change that, or at least change myself. Now, here is a list of things that make me happy. Maybe you should make one of your own? Or just simply make it in your head. Start highlighting the things you love more than the things you hate. Because after all, isn't it the things we love that we want to remember?

Things that put that big fat smile on my face:

Receiving a compliment from someone telling you how pretty you look when you feel awful.

Running to the subway and arriving just in time to get on and get on time for school.
Finding that great piece of clothing for an affordable price knowing it will get your closet one step closer to looking like you want it to look.
Hearing from an old friend who wants to meet up.
Logging on to my blog to see that one of my awesome reader has commented on one of my posts.
Making a to do list and actually get it all done the day you made it. 
Breakfast in bed.
Getting a new reader to my blog to inspire and get inspired back.
Waking up in a great mood.
Realising that you have more time than you ever thought you had.
Finding money on the street.
Dropping a glass that doesn't break.
Taking a risk by useing a dip liner and it ends up looking amazing.
Giving someone a compliment and seeing how the person lights up by hearing it.
Finding the perfect birthdaygift for your BFF and watch him/her open it up.
Having that cute person look at you and smile and that small action of flirting lasts for the rest of the week. 
Looking back on your day feeling like you got so much done.
Waking up and realising that is it friday.
Grab a cup of coffee with friends and a cozy café and catch up.
Flipping your way through a fashion magazine and get so inspired that you can barely sit still.
Waking up after a wild night out and not being able to stop laughing at what happened.
Having someone tell you that you are beautiful and actually be able to believe it.
Planning a trip.
Doing something you never thought you were able to do.

So, finding things that makes me smile is not that hard. What is hard is to embrace it and not let the negative thoughts take over. Some days are harder than other. But don't forget that we all have them. You are never alone.


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Dancing Branflake said...

Such a great post! It's so true that it's the little things that make up a great life. Love your list!

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