Saturday, March 17, 2012

New, new oh so fabulously new

Don't you just love that feeling of freshly cut hair? When your ends are smooth as silk and you can't stop touching your it? I had that moment yesterday when I got my hair cut. Feels amazing. Short but amazing. And today I am meeting up S and T to go shopping in the city, let's hope we all find loads of great pieces on threads. 
So short... (to me at least) And oh, I am wearing my "hello I don't know what to wear, I want a pretty
look that still is comfy and at the same time look like I made an effort"-dress. How I love it. From 
Forever21 in London.


L* said...

awesome! i wear the same kind of dress currently :) have a nice day.

Humoreshka said...

coool:))) <3

MissViking said...

I just love it!! So comfy :D where is yours from? you too! X.

L* said...

mine was from h&m :). my day was awesome. well saturday not sunday. I had my first frozen yoghurt and a nice walk downtown,

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