Monday, May 21, 2012

One more to go

Right now I am sitting at the library (what's new?) studying like I have been so many times. But this time is different. Why? Because I just realized that this is one of my last lame times sitting here, studying for something in HS. I am graduating on June 8th. This is the last week of horriblenessalltoomuchtodoinschoolIdon'twanttoleavemybed. After this week, I am pretty much free! (Except for a presentation in french, let's just try to ignore that one for now..). The point is that I am almost done. D-O-N-E. Done with studying for things that don't interest me. I'll be done doing the things I don't want to do because next time I study, it will be about something that I like. Something that I want to work with in the future. Somehting interesing, fascinating. Oh my gosh, time is moving fast. But dears, I got to go. I can't forget the fact that this week is filled with LOTS of "to-do's" so I better get started, don't you think? OK. 3,2,1. It's on, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Omg I really hate math...

Looking at my math book makes me want to stuff my face with doughnuts...
... And hang out with elephants.

You know what I mean?


Barcelona Brunettes said...

This is a really great selection of pics :)

Barcelona Brunettes.

MissViking said...

Oh thanks! I rly fell in love with this selecton (: Glad you liked it!

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