Thursday, June 28, 2012

End of an era

This is a pretty exciting day for me my dears... It's the end of an era... It's a new beginning... It's, wait for it.. MY LAST DAY AT THE GROCERY STORE!!! So I have learnt more than I could ever imagine, met some really nice people, helped sweet old people finding the stuff they were looking for, talked to randoms.. I have carried stuff around, made the store looked pretty, filled it with fresh fruits, blipped more things than I can count as a cashiere and so on. Typical grocery store.. Stuff... But now that is over (or in 9 hours and approximately 8 minutes, not that I am counting). I am grateful that I got the job and the experience is priceless but in 8 days minus a few hours I'LL BE IN PARIS!!! (Here I'll admit it, I am counting!!). Disneyland is waiting for me and it's time for me to say GOOD DAY to the store I've been at for the past 4 months. It was good getting to know you but we both know that it had to come to an end someday. The next 2 months will be spent at Disneyland Paris and I can't even explain the feeling I have about that right now... Oh my gosh this is really happening, I SAID GOOD DAY!

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