Friday, June 29, 2012

Last friday night

Last friday I had some friends over for the annual midsummer celebration us swedes are so fond about. We didn't celebrate it the traditional way though. Instead we put our own touch to it with the traditional food and added a little bit of beer pong to it. I forgot to put up the pic's of the night so here they are, enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Me, L and Jo went straight from a friend's summerhouse friday morning and got ready for the night. We went by a girl who sold strawberries right by the road so we picked some up. Felt like such a slow job to have in the heat all alone. But we contributed a little bit to her and got the drive through at least!
Cake made by moi..


Skye said...

i really enjoy your blog! looks like you had a lot of fun. you girls really prove the cliche of pretty swedish girls right! x

T.DownUnder said...

så avundsjuk!!!! skicka hit några svenska jordgubbar och lite av den där tårtan tack! <3

MissViking said...

Ah thank you, I truly appreciate hearing that! Oh you are too sweet :) xx

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