Monday, June 4, 2012

On a mission

This weekend me and S were on a extremely important mission.
You see, she graduates on tuesday et moi on friday so we went 
on a hunt for gratuation dresses. After 7 stores (no exaggeration
here, it even felt like more than that) we went in to one which for me
is a very random pick, Mango. We had searched through H&M, 
Gina Tricot, Monki, Vila where I had seen pretty threads but that 
was apparantly only online, typical... + 3 more. So that makes it 8!

The trick was to find a white one since that what we wear as a traditon
which didn't make it much easier but we did find love and celebrated
it at McDonald's (like the classy divas we are...) S had to get ready
for the birthday party she was going to so I went nuts with my mobile 
camera while snooping around looking at her makeup. (Is it just me or
is it truly exciting to see what other ppl have in their make up bags?

So it ended well after our 4 hour hunt and soon I'll post a pic of my dress.


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