Monday, June 4, 2012

A sugar coated secret

After driving the car for almost 2 hours and... Well... Spent
the rest of the day being kind of lazy (just ignore that last part)
I felt well deserved of the deliciousness me and my dad put 
together above! (Don't pass out on me here people, it was made 
for 4 people). So if you feel like me aka well deserved of something
sweet, I'll tell you the ingrediences right here for you. But you only.
So since this is our secret, just pretent like this is whispered to you
suuuuper quiet. Because we don't want everyone to hear this
amazingness now, do we?

An X amount (your the boss) of...

...Vanilla Ice cream,
Chocolate sauce,
Whipped cream..

Start with one layer of ice cream beads? Balls? Bahaha, whatever you want to call it! And make sure they stay together by using the mirangues. Put some bananas on top of that, throw in some whipped cream and do it all over again while shaping it into a pyramid
Go crazymaniacchainsawfreakish with the chocolate sauce..

..And put some more chocolate sauce on top of that!
D-O-N-E.. DONE!!

Enjoy the deliciousness and don't forget, this is out little secret.
You  know you love me, xoxo...

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Anonymous said...

That looks so delicious!!!

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