Friday, July 6, 2012

Au revoir Suède!

Bad update and blahblahblah. These past days have involved the first swim of the year, and maybe the last one (since I won't be around water for the next 2 months) with my dear Em. Spent last night with Fia and said goodbye to her as well after watching one of those silly scary movies we just love OH so much! Tonight was a fun night spent with mother&brother at a tapas restaurant with ahhhhmazing food and I had some last pieces of swedish candy (oh am I going to miss that!?) And I just talked to F who I haven't seen in too long and got a little pep talk. It's reality now baby, I'm leaving. I'm going up in.. Uugh, 4 hours (and I haven't even showered or painted my toes like I have planned to...) but it doesn't matter because Paris will wake me up. So, this is my last update from Stockholm in a while. Ttyl, from French territory. See you then lovlies. 

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