Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The first piece of update

Bonjour my dears, oh do I have things to tell you? Oui, si, YES! I arrived at Disneyland Paris this friday and after a confusing 30 minutes or so waiting for my bag and trying to find the right bus, I was on my way to the land of... Happyness? The fact that the guy who worked at Charles de Gaulle (le airport) asked me where I was from and said "vous êtes trés belle" made me feel a lot better in the stressful moment (this is where French people are 100% different than Swedes, they aren't shy at all! Or at least they don't show it...). So even he might have said that only because I looked different than the crowd with my "Scandinavian look", I made it to the bus with a little smile on my face. I don't know how I would have found the right building unless my dear friend Sofie would have called me to help me out (she has already been working here for 2 weeks so she is pretty much all settled in). She told me to take the bus I was on, get off at the train station, take one stop towards Paris, get off and then find the building. Wow, I would have been so lost without that direction. (I would probably still be running around now 5 days later with my fat suitcase trying to find the way...). After giving away some papers to a woman in the reception I sat down in a room waiting for the info to start. There were cast members sitting there already. Miguel, a guy from Spain (who helped me understand what I was going to do when I first came in AKA talk to a women on the other side of the building. I bet he had a good laught seeing me walking arounds looking more confused than ever haha, so I am glad he was there to point me in the right direction before the info began) and later on a girl from Lithuania got there as well and we all started talking. They knew each other from last summer so being a "first time-er" felt a little different but they were super nice and I tried to keep up with the convo as much as I could. We got some info about our hotel and me, the girl Alvita from Lithuania and another guy from Spain (the first one didn't have the same info) sat on the bus together and when we got to the hotel they just told us to pair up with our future roomie.  I am SO glad I got to know Alvita before that because we instantly decided to stay toghether and without that security, I might have freaked out just a little. So we went into our room which is pretty small but neat! Everything looks nice and clean so we were both happy about that (OK, that "nice and clean" part was true the first few days, now the reality is a little bit different with us two to blame.. Hehe...). Well this was a huge piece of text so I might just end it here, upload a little picture, let you guys take a little break from all the reading and save the rest to the next post. Sounds good? Great.  See you there!
Me and Alvita this sunday night by the parade, expect more pic's of it for the next post!

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