Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More of today

It is funny how some days can just pass you by without you even noticing while others make you wake up and realize things which were so obvious but still so hard to grip (sorry about the what right now seems as total randomness but you'll understand me in a minute, just bare with me). I saw a friend today and just hung out in a park tanning and catching up. She is going college this fall, 2nd year, and she is happy with it. I'm just out of High School and the fact that I am taking a gap year (which is super common in Sweden and something that pretty much all of my friends are doing) sounds relaxing and easy but today, it just felt like a big stress. All because I over think. I have a hard time just living in the moment and not trying to predict the future. But the talk with my friend truly helped me, probably a lot more than she realized. I have one door open right now and that door will lead me to Paris. That's the only thing I need to focus on right now. I don't have to plan out anything else because I have no idea what I will feel after these two months. And isn't that what's supposed to be the thrill about life? Not knowing what the next day will bring? Where that person you meat will mean to you or where that special opportunity will take you? Focusing on what is going on right now is exactly what I need and want to do. Now why is that so hard? Anyhow, that's what I am going to do now and try to, no I will enjoy exactly what matters. The moment. Because if you live in the past or the future you won't be able to enjoy what's going on right now and if you can't do that then nothing matters. Because if you don't then the past didn't pleasure you and your future won't matter because when it's present, you won't be living in it. So with that said I am more excited about Paris than ever because it's exactly what I need right now. And damn, I'll enjoy it and live life like no other.
                                     #Watching the Big Bang theory (freakingamazing show)#Typical Jenny-outfit#Waiting for the commercial break to be over#Going ego-silly-with the web(which is so not me but a bird once whispered in my ear that your blog needs pics of you, now is that so?).

Good night dears, hope this post got your minds spinning, 
because that's one of the reasons I'm here.


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