Friday, July 13, 2012

My first few days in Ile-de-France

Salut mes amis, how are you? Since the last post was hufreakingmongously long I figured I better describe friday night-monday briefly so I don't need to write a whole essay here (because trust me, I could). 

Friday: We got to our room and took a nap pretty quickly. Me since I had only slept for about 3 hours and A had spent the night at the airport so yeah, we needed a little rest.. But around 9pm we went town to Andrés place one floor down (the Spanish guy who took the bus with us) and we all went to a place called "Sports Bar". It's in Walt Disney Studios and alot of cast members hang out there at night, after work and so on. I met one Swedish guy from Gothemburg and many others so that was fun! Even the first Spanish guy I met (who helped me out when I first came and looked more confused than ever probably, if you remember from my last post?) was there so it was fun seeing "a familiar face" even though we only had known each other for what? 5 hours..? Either way he convinced us to come back on monday night because they were supposed to have a karaoke night there so that seemed fun! (nonono, I am not the one delivering the show on stage. I'm the person at the table who is laughing my ass off watching the spectacle). We left pretty early since we were going up early the next morning and I had introduction. It was fun meeting people and I realized just how open everyone are here! Love it.

Saturday: First day of introduktion and I went to the train station early so I couldn't be late. I wasn't sure about the way but I figured I'd meet some people on the way and I did. 3 german girls and one swede so that was fun! We hung out during the whole day, lunch and all, so it felt good knowing that I had people around me who were new too and stayed at the same hotel as me. But I only slept for like 4 hours that night so I was superduper tired so after a long day of introduktion I decided to stay at my place that night. We did go to the Supermarket which is right in our neighbourhood when we got back and I bought some granola bars, apple sauce thingies and coffee. You know, all the neccessary things for survival... Anyway it was nice to sleep for 1 hour more because for some reason that's all I got. Why can't  get to bed on time?!

Sunday: I started the second day of introduktion feeling a little bit better but listening to a french person speak for hour after hour (8:30-5pm) is kind of exhausting.. But I'm suprised of the fact that I understand what he is talking about! And the people who are having the introduktion presentations are really funny and energetic so they make it more interesting just being themselves. It was all about the security this day and we spent another day just listening but it's still fun because during every break you have time to hang out with the people in your group and I started talking to this one cool girl Victoria from Russia who moved to Paris when she was 13 and now she speaks french fluently and omg, there are so many amazing stories that you get to hear over here. I just love the fact that you never know what to expect from a day because they are all different. But at 17:00 I went home, took a nap and then me and my roomie A met up her friend and watched the parade and lightning show (pic's in the end of this post). It was so cool and for the first time I really felt the "Disney Spirit"! And afterwards me and A went and met up Sofie (my Swedish friend who has been working here since june 23rd) who I haven't seen since she left. OMG I threw myself in her arms and we both almost teared up hahah! It was so nice to finaly get to see her and talk to her for a little bit until me and A had to get back to our room to sleep since we had to get up early, again, the next morning.

Monday: After a little presentation we got to go and get our costumes which was a blast! Mine is actually pretty cool.. I met a girl called Reka, from Hungary who will be working at the same place as me so we got our outfits together so it's nice knowing someone at work who is also new. This day we actually got to see the park after lunch and he guided us around the place. It was my first time seeing it and walk around in the area so I was excited about.. Well.. Evey little thing I saw! The park is to detailed and every little bit of it has a thought behind it.. But don't worry, I'll show  it to you through my camera lens (; And OH! We went to our work to get our time table for the first 2 weeks as well and the place seemed pretty nice (a small boutique that sells souvenirs and rents out wheel chairs and strollers) and I found out that my first day of work was on thursday, mon dieu... And we were supposed to go to Sports Bar this night since it was karaoke and all but we were so tired and A had to memorize a bunch of things for her job (she works at a ride/attraction) so we decided to stay in after a 2 hour long nap (omg I am started to get atticted to them here, ZzzzZzz...). 

So the whole "keeping it short/avoid writing an essay" kind of failed but hey, I just want to update you all well. And here are the pictures I took from the sunday night. First it's the parade and then there are pictures of the awesome light-show by the castle, omg it was so pretty...

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