Friday, July 20, 2012

Lesson learned

So I've come to realize a few things my friends and here is my list:
  1. Carmel the is the best tea in the world.
  2. My french PIN code on my french SIM card is absolutely not the same as the old one I had in Sweden (stupid me).
  3. My french PUK code was a pain in the a** to find (stupid, stupid me).
  4. I only have eggs to eat for breakfast today, or plain cereal. Well, that just sucks...
  5. My throat is swelled up, darn it. (This is where the carmel tea gets in the picture..).
  6. House keeping comes at 11am at fridays when I am sleeping on my day off (even though I realize I'm not to complain here because cleaning our room can not be fun, at ALL).
  7. 3 hours of sleep works, but more is probably a good idea.
  8. Hot Tub Tie Machine is a pretty good movie, a little bit too much at times but it works. Kind of.
  9. After 9 hours of sleep tonight it feels like I could sleep for 9 more but I am not going to because it's friday which leads us to number 10...
And what can go better with this post than the most discriptive, amazing, creative and just simply.. Best song ever? IT'S FRIDAY PEOPLE!! (and saturday comes afterwaaaaaaaaaardsssss....)

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