Thursday, July 26, 2012

The magic randomness of Disneyland Paris

Hello my dears, how are you?
I've just been enjoying the Disney lifestyle and now I truly feel like a part of it. I spent friday night with a group of friends and the night started out at a cozy restaurant with amazing hamburgers (let me just say this, regular AND brie cheese were both included..) and when we walked (rolled) back to their place we got invited to join a little gathering in a neighbour's house so we went and ended up at Billy Bob's (Disney's bar/club) which was filled with people since it was a weekend (there is always people there though, enjoying an "after work").  And afterwards we went back to the neighbours to hang out before we went to bed. Just the feeling of being out here is so much fun, you should be here to see it! You meet new people, you see them again, you get to know them, you hang out. Ah, it's just so much fun! However saturday was a lazy (amazing) day starting with me and S picking up some freshly made croissants and a baguette from the local boulangerie (oh, so french), eating it outside and enjoying the weather which finaly is nice. Then I went grocery shopping and spent like 2 hours in the place just getting to know every single row of food (and looking for oatmeal to make porrige=impossible task). That night I went straight home and relaxed and when my roomie came home we made some sweet popcorn (and why don't we have that amazingness in Sweden?!) and just talked and hung out. So nice to have a roomie to do that with, I'm never freaking bored here! How amazing is that?! Anyway I worked 18:00-01:45 sunday night and went straight to bed and back to work at 14:45 the next day so not so much to tell about that... Ooops, I've been writing so much now! Better squeeze in a picture (like you are supposed to do, as a blogger) in order to not bore you all to death (because that's truly not the reason for writing this little blog of mine..)
There we go!! Friday night's burger, now isn't that a beautiful picture then... Then I don't know what to say really.. MOVING ON! I was going to see S monday night but the poor thing got sick and I really didn't just want to go straight home so I was happy when F saw me on the way back from work and asked if I wanted to go to Billy Bob's (got to love that place). So we went there, met 3 other people and in the end of the night we were like 15 people or more gathered around a bunch of tables. That's one of the magically random things you'll experience in this place. You think you are going home and start thinking about what you are going to eat for dinnes (yes, I do get that excited about food) and BAM you are sitting in Billy Bob's with a beer in your hand and great company (from all around the world) around you. C'est magique!! ... Picture time!!!
This is one of the many meals I've bought during the lunch break at work. I usually never buy this much but I was so hungry I seriously ate 2 hot dogs in 1 min and still the whole meal cost less than 3 Euros! (With the flan and water bottle included, so worth it...)

So after tuesday's work I went straight home to start at 7am (!!!) the next morning. Did I have a good night sleep? No. Was I tired at work? Very. But once again the amazing randomness happened and F and I ran into each other again, this time at lunch, and he told me about him and some friends planning a trip to the beach after work. After searching for the bus (in the insanehumidcrazyhot-weather) I was on the right bus and on my way! I hiked for what felt like an hour (which probably was less than 7,5 minutes) I found the gang and me and S went straight in the water. After looking for the right bus, waiting for it for 30 min and going on it, it felt amazing to cool off in the lake. And OH my gosh, it was so pretty! Green hills everywhere.. And the best part is that you get to go in the french countryside to get there with little towns, fields, hills and even a castle... The french countryside is just the prettiest. And here are some shots from le beach!
Afterwards me S and F went and had some dinner which F made (omg he can cook so well!!) and hung out with him and his roomie and then we met up some other people and yeah, that was the end of that night!! I have more to tell you all but now I really need to get ready to go and meet up S for dinner. Hope you enjoyed this delayed and supermegalong post. Ttyl dears, xx

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