Sunday, August 26, 2012

And put some Paris on it.

With only one more week in France I am making the most of the fact that the heart of Paris is only 30 minutes away with the train by going there every day from now on. Yesterday I went there with my dear friend C and had a great time! We started out doing some shopping in the vintage stores and this time I found a really cute and unique black vest + a scarf to use as a hairband. C on the other hand got lucky with 2 paris of Levis jean shorts for 5 Euros each (the irony here is that she payed 54 for the ones she already was wearing from Urban Outfitters and they were the exact same model! Vintage rules...). We were actually just walking around for hours, getting lost and founding our way back again without usíng a map which was truly exciting since you never knew what you were going to find around the next corner (and don't worry, the map was with us in my bag the whole time in case of... Emergency). Like the cute little bakery where we bought a warm baguette straight from the oven and one pastery each to treat ourselves with after hours and hours of walking. And where did we end up having our little picknick? Well, the only place I have been longing to have a picknick at ever since I put my foot in this city for the very first time as a little 13 year old girl... Underneath the Eiffel Tower baby! Gosh I can't stop gasping everytime I see that building. It truly is my favourite building, isn't it just sooooooo pretty!?

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