Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday joy

I am in SUCH a great mood my dear readers, can't believe the energy boost you can get from a great day in Paris! I am litterarly all alone sitting in my room singing to this song while drinking one of these which might sound super sad (OK, it does sound super sad...) but the thing is that my roomie is out and I was supposed to meet her and her friend up to go to BillyB's (Disney's bar) but I am just taking my time getting ready and you know what? Doing that alone isn't always so bad... Right now I'm really enjoying myself... With myself... Getting my makeup on and getting pumped for tonight because this might be the last proper night out in Disney! You see, tomorrow we are all going out in Paris to celebrate J's birthday and after that we only have friday left to go nuts before me and S get on our plane home! But let me tell you about my day... Me and K went to Paris to go vintage shopping and we truly found some nice things!! She got alot more than me but I found a mocca (Spelling??) jacket and a baseball cap which looks so cool! I'll show you all later because right now big camera is out of batteries (oops) and my little one is dead. Like dead dead, like R.I.P not waking up again dead (dubble oops...). But either way we had a great day just walking around in the pretty little blocks and having an amazing meal in the prettiest little fabulously decorated brasserie. I seriously fell in love. And then we went to a boulangerie and had a chocolate flan on our way to Bershka and well.. I cheated on the brasserie and well in love again... It was so good! Dear you, if you ever go to Paris. Please for your tummys sake, have a flan. (Or 2, or 3... Hell who said we had to put a limit on it?! FLAN FOR EVERYBODY!!!) But now my beer is almost out, my makeup is 3/4 done and I am getting too excited to stay inside. I need my friends haha!! So this was my fun day of friday the 24th and now I'm ready to see what this night has to offer... Have a great friday night/saturday morning my dears. Live in the moment and no regrets, mistakes were made for learning.

here is a picture of todays meal taken with my phone because of my serious camera situation.
Enjoy but don't drool too much, it's bad for the keyboard...

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