Friday, September 21, 2012


Already in a better mood after yesterdays promises and so far, I've kept them all.. A point I made quite descretly in the last post was about living in the moment since we never know what will happen next. Being back in Stockholm has involved a few up's and down's but I have decided that being here might be truly beneficial. Saving up money to be able to go nuts this spring (traveling, traveling and some more traveling) and most important of all, cherishing all the friendships I have here. My dearlovelyfabulous friend F just called me and gosh, I've missed those random calls. Calls about all and nothing which don't need a point, they just need to exist. This fall is going to involve spending quality time with friends and fam, going on adventures as always, a few trips abroad and something new... Discovering my own home town. Truth is people, we all complain about the place we are from. Nothing to do, nothing to see, all the same. But can we really be sure? I just walked around town handing out resumés and realised that I saw places I've never seen before. So discovering time it is. Want to join me? Great. I hoped so. Kisses and love,

Moi et F

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