Thursday, September 13, 2012

it's a crusty mess

I've been thinking alot (too much) these past couple (few, over a week amount of days) about what to do next. I am just starting my gap year people and I'm already worrying about wasting it. Ridiculous? I know! But skyping with my amazingawesomefabulous friend T who is atm living in Aussieland truly helped. Just hearing the opinion of others just clears everything up so much... (And adding it to your own point of view because indepencence is important you guys. Important I tell you!!) Only a year ago I would have troubble just saying something deeply personal about myself to people, as long as it wasn't something positive. And you know what? I am SO happy I'm out of that "fixyourownsh*tanddon'tletanyoneelsein" kind of mode because gaaah, talking is too good to miss out on. Everybody had questions, troubbles and wonders but trust me on this one, getting through it all and growing as a person is so much easier when you keep the conversation going. I am a listener, I listen to my friends and I help them. I've even been called a shrink and I love doing that, helping my friends out. But sometimes you need to talk and be heard, never forget that. Never forget the power of asking other people for advice. Just imagine how how much you have been through in your lifetime. That's the same for everyone else so the person you are sharing a bowl of popcorn with this friday night while watching Harry Potter (because you both are HP geeks but never admit it to other people) might have gone through the exactly same thing as you are right now. Problem, wonders, whatevers. So how silly wouldn't it be not to share it with that friend of yours and actually get the help you need? No, don't even answer that. I'll do it for you..

....Very, very silly. 

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