Sunday, September 16, 2012

Money Maker

I was invited to join my friends K and L to a big flea market where they were putting up a table to sell their clothes which aren't being in use anymore. Unfortunately I didn't have time to (okay, I was too lazy to...) collect some old threads of my own to sell but it was still so much fun hanging out there and try to sell things. And like we say in Sweden "many rivers small" meaning that lots of small steps become a big one all together. So saying this in pure English that you readers could understand (and not the jibbrish I'm talking in right now) the girls made some sweet money for cleaning out their closets! So we are planning to go next weekend again and this time I plan to clear out every little corner of my wardrobe. So much fun, so worth it and simply a fun way to spend a saturday!

What are you waiting for? Out with the old and in with the new!!
L and me before entering the place.
They see me rollin'
K & L in out pretty stand
Hard work work!
My girls!

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Braid_gurl_92 said...

Thank you our awesome saleshelpergirl! many rivers small hahah :))))
HAHHAHAH love the hombre in the back in that one pic!

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