Monday, October 15, 2012

Party of 3

Sorry for no sunday update day but gosh, I needed that recovery. An ultimate party would include more than 20 people I'd say. But this saturday me, L and K hung out at my house and even though we call ourself the big LOL's, we sure know how to have a good time. L cut my hair after a few glasses of red but still it looked good! I think... At least that's what I thought then (still haven't taken it out of my ponny tail, maybe it's time to have a sober look?). Pretty hair or not, we had a great/weird/random/funny night. The thing to learn here is that life sure is what you make it. The situation is set and it's your responsibility to make the movie. Comedy, drama or scary movie? I think mine is a mix of them all.. Haha! Hope you darlings had a great weekend girls, mine sure was interesting.. 


Walk On The Style Site said...

thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! :o) p.s.: great snapshots! :o) looks like big fun! follow you now via gfc.

Your hairdresser said...

hahahah we were to ugly for color pics huh?? ;)
great night tho, life surely is what you make it and we make it awesome and lol hehe!

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