Friday, December 21, 2012

Be realistic

Hello my dears, are you alive...? It's past 10am over here and everything is fine and dandy so yeah, I think we'll be alrigt. If you are still worried NASA put up a whole page dedicated to this whole "theworldwillendin2021/21/12BS" so you can read that and feel safe bevause I'd say that science is the way to go. This whole thing about the world ending today makes pretty much as much sense to me as ordering a latte macciato instead of a regular café latte. You see I did a mistake at work this week. I heard "dubble café macciato" and made one which is 2 shots of espresso and one shot of warm milk but when I delivered it they said they ordered latte macciato, not café macciato, my bad. So I did the latte macciatos and you know what? It's exactly the same freaking thing as a café latte!! Only you put the foamed milk in first and then drop the coffee shots in afterwards but it ends up being the same thing, because it is the same thing!! So why bother ordering a latte macciato? Do you want it so sound fancy? Do you want to confuse the barista? Do you want to make my life complicated...? No? Then what?! I sure don't get it... Just like I don't get how people can prepare and sell all their goods and drop out of school because they thing the world will end. Just chillaxxxxx will you? I'm going to a christmas smorgosbord tomorrow eating my own body weight in christmas food so I will be pissed if that happens... So pissed...
And since it's christmas in only a few days I have to get all my christmas shopping done now before work, wish me luck! 

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