Monday, December 24, 2012


Today is the day we have all been waiting for, merry christmas my dears. In Sweden this is the day when we all celebrate christmas and exchange gifts with one another, not the 25th like some does. But this saturday (on the 22nd, thank gosh that we survived) one part of my family clan went to that "Christmas table" I was telling you about and ate so much that we started to complain about how we wouldn't manage to get to the dessert table (we all made it in the end). And after that amazing meal with my awesome family (love them so much) we took a walk around our neighbourhood on the way home and looked at our insane incredible neighbours who've decorated their house to the fullest..  
And can you see the awesome ginger bread? Yepp I made/designed them. So proud. Pig's so fierce. 
God jul everybody, have a fabulous day. 

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Karla Sweet said...

I find your blog great.
I have gone all crazy about Sweden this year
( partly because of Loreen ) and it's interesting how you write about traditions and specialties of your country :)


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