Monday, December 3, 2012

Jump on a train and see where is takes you

Monday mornin' darlings and it's -13c in Vikingland.  OH did I tell you that me and G started a pack where we can't eat any sugary (delicious, amazing) thingies before december 22bnd when we are going to a "christmas table" with the whole fam (pretty much like a smorgasbord filled with christmas food, buffet style) so I've made it through one day and now it's just 19 days left, you can do it gurl. So because of this horrifying fact I'm going to show all my sugary fans (why else would they be around me all the time? And give me le puppy eyes trying to make me eat them?) that I do love them and that they are not forgotten. I'm going to do that by making this post just for them so sit and enjoy this sugary ride. And have some for me, will you..? xx. 

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