Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Le week

This week so far hasn't only been filled with work but some dicoveries, progress and as usual things so add to my closet. This vikinglicious weather it's going to bring me down so I figured I'd wish for some new shoes this christmas in order to survive in style. (and hopefully be able to avoid slipping on the ice and falling on my ass). 
And I also did progress at my job. No, this isn't some picture I found on google or anything like that. This is a picture I took with my own phone (and posted on instagram because I am so ridicoulously proud of it) after foaming some milk for a large latte at work. Look at this feather, look at it! The fact that I was trying to make a heart is so not important here because screw hearts, this feather looks amazing. However I tried to redo this the rest of the day with no success (just a few messed up hearts) but today is a new milk foaming day and I'm going to make this creation happen once more!
And last but not least this is the view I woke up to. Oh my gosh can you believe this snow?!? And now it's time for me to get out and fight it.. Ughh do I have to? Wish me luck darlings, the viking is heading out!!

Have an amazing wednesday while I have a cold one,

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