Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 problems

This is why you should always have your own WiFi at your place...
1. When your neighbours move, you can't "borrow" their WiFI anymore and you'll regret not having your own.
2. Your ass will get super sore from sitting in uncomfortable bar stools since they are the only ones near the outlet.
3. You'll be stranded in those uncomfortable chairs because the internet is 10 times slower than normal which means that you have to sit there 10 times longer and spend 10 times more minutes in front of your computer that day and kill the battery 10 times.
4. Coffee is fucking expensive.
5. You are poor.
6. You can't afford Starbucks so this coffee isn't even that good.
7. How long have I been here for?
8. I'm hungry but don't want to spend money on a boring sandwich. If I was at home, I could make myself a 1$ meal right now.
9. I wish I had WiFI at the loft.
10. I'm getting a freaking WiFi.

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